Saeangmeori is oriental herb hair brand
that aims to provide healthy hair and scalp to our customers.

Based on oriental medicine, we used twenty types of oriental herb extracts to prevent the modern people from hair loss and damage to their hair caused by pollution and stress from industrialization while also striving to keep a healthy hair.
The biggest strength of Saeang Co., Ltd. is that we make sure our customers get the highest quality of products based on trust and sincerity.
Our company aims to meet our customers’ satisfaction by offering diverse products and continuing to make improvement based on suggestions from our customers to become a customer-oriented brand.

Brand Concept

What is Saeangmeori?

Saeangmeori refers to the hair type of a young lady at court during the late Joseon Dynasty. When entering the court at the beginning of January from a well bred family, an orpiment was tied to the Saeangmeori, or a kind of ornamental hairpin stuck to it. Saeangmeori was made by braiding the hair and tying it 17~18cm long, with a ribbon tied to it in the middle, which represented the class of the person wearing the ribbon. Of course, married women were not allowed to wear their hair like this. Therefore, Saeangmeori was considered as a hair style that symbolized youth from the old days. Unmarried ladies, especially girls, usually preferred this hair style because it symbolized a healthy hair look. Instead of just being a simple hair style, Saeangmoeri also represented healthy hair and scalp.

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